Friday, December 18, 2009

Educate a Child

check this out: righteous & passionate
for a cause - ms. sheena M.

please donate $5- a day for 10 days, I am
& wearing black turtleneck & black leggings -
for 10 days & inform at least one person a day.

looking hot-having fun-giving to an excellent cause.
***donate and I will link your blog/website here.

12.20 - wearing my black turtleneck & leggins, however
I'm indoors due to this awesome snowstorm.


  1. Sounds like an amazing cause. I'll have to check it out. P.S. it is quite the snowstorm on the East Coast!! Thanks for your comments on my posts

  2. hey there pretty girl,
    the quietness of the snow is overwhelmingly
    peaceful. an amazing cause, even more amazing
    is the fact that one woman can make a huge
    difference when she allows her passion
    to liberate her creativity.


  3. hey chic, so right. feeling chic myself in
    my black turtleneck & black leggings.

  4. this sounds awesome, i would love to give, as soon as my mom hooks me up with some cash i will try to make the arrangements : ), and thankx for following

  5. hey there Zodiac, TY! luv your energy &
    desire to contribute.
    lovin' your blog even more - hope you
    return I'll def. will return to your blog.