Tuesday, April 14, 2009

sighs & miracles

f luttering mercilessly inside my life
a long the length of my body lover fills me
t rembles the depths of my mind and soul
a ching inside from the rush, the thrill
l over's hands own me

a cquiescent lips kiss
t asting sweet water love
t he rare kind too hard to resist
r acing hearts beat to lust covenants
a lways near, my lover won't relent
c aution discarded and torn
t ogether dancing slow to amel larrieux's no one else
i ncognito behind dusk's mauve veil we won't repent
o h! we pass through folds of deeper hues 'till dawn
n ever really apart we sigh secret hymns of desire ...

nadege 4/09

*an acrostic challenge - visit: http://acrosticonly.blogspot.com/


  1. Ah, took a while to sink in. Brilliantly written!!!

  2. duality increase depth for me ty A.

  3. I love this! Truly creative and wonderful use of all the senses. Well worth the wait to read this one : )

  4. LUV you thrilling response, ty WG

  5. Nadege, thanks for joining the fun. I linked your acrostic.

    Indeed, love is the one fatal attraction, that everyone is curse with, and sometimes it can be wonderful.

    Do come back and play with us.