Saturday, August 21, 2010

The 48 Rules of POWER, Robert Greene

This is an awesome book. The "laws" are
great habits to adopt. Also, the little
parables in red make good conversation.

The 48 Rules of Power

#4 - Always say less than necessary.The more you say, the more common you seem.
Basically, you will often have more power
when you zip your lips.

Spiritual truth: Proverbs 2:11 -
Discretion will preserve you.


#9 - Win through your actions, never through argument.
Words are a dime a dozen. No one can argue with demonstrated proof.
The truth is generally seen, rarely heard.

Spiritual truth: Proverbs 17:14 The beginning of strife is likereleasing water.


#19 - Know who you are dealing with. Do not offend or decieve thewrong person.Learn others. Take into account their pride and insecurities.

Spiritual truth: Proverbs 20:5 Counsel in the heart of man andwoman is like deep water.

More Power Laws will be added along the way. However, pick up this
book, supremely interesting.


  1. Hi Nadege,

    This book sounds very fascinating and helpful. I love how you coupled these rules with quotes from Proverbs.

  2. Leaving the house early this morning, to return about an hour ago, I wasn't sure where my adventures self would have lead me today. But I have to tell you this post has hit on every single emotion felt before I walked out that door, to the time of my return. Isn't it amazing how the universe finds us feeling our spirits with hope and comforting thoughts,even if they come from someone you've never met!

    You are the sweetest Nadege!

  3. Love these. Thanks for sharing!

  4. hey pretty girl - this book is fascinating.

  5. hey Meagan, I agree spiritual vibes travel to
    where their wisdom is needed.

  6. ...and TY for calling me sweet - that could
    be a first. :]

  7. oh yeah, dulce - very, very interesting.

  8. Very inspiring and oh so true

  9. hey Jstar. this book is awesome & insightful.

  10. i def needed 2 hear these words 2day! Thanks 4 sharing I will check this book out.

  11. hey there Champ, this book is enlightning.

  12. Good morning Nadege, just wanted to extend my heart felt gratitude to you for stopping by and comforting me during my loss. He was indeed my beloved friend for 10 years.

    Love your blog and your freedom in expressing yourself. I'm growing into "that woman" day by day. I love to collect mirrors too. I'm actually moving and have been giving away mirrors and stuff.

    Love, peace and blessings for a great day!

  13. China, hey sweetie. you are most welcome. I know
    you must miss this friend - 10 years is a long
    time of unconditional love & acceptance.

    too bad you have to give up your mirrors - but
    congrats on the new place. I always wanted a
    mirror room, like the one in some old movie
    that took place in paris.


  14. Very interesting I am so curious about the rest of this book! I especially love Rule #4, at times I feel like I have to over-explain myself in order to get my ideas across when, really, less is more! I will definitely be taking that into account from now on :) Great blog!

    feel free to check out my blog:

  15. hey Dee, this book is so informative into
    the psychology of people. I will post more
    "rules" soon

    will visit your blog tonight.

  16. sending greetings honey

  17. I just wanted to tell you that I ordered this book off amazon this past week so it should be coming any day now lol, i am beyond excited to read it :)

    Be sure to check out my latest post!

  18. hey dee, good for you - this book is useful
    and interesting. I'm coming right over to
    your blog now.

  19. Hey Nadege, great wisdom here. Seems like a super book. I'll have to check it out! Thanks for sharing.

    Peace, Light and Love,

  20. hey Cordie, good to hear from you. this book
    is full of wisdom and interesting insights.