Thursday, April 1, 2010

Five Languages of Love

An enlightening read!

According to Gary Chapman there are five languages of
love and we each have a primary language of love that
particulary answers our emotional soul.

1. Words of Affirmation - hearing positive words about yourself.

2. Gifts - receiving gifts that reflect who you are.

3. Acts of Service - having a loved one do something for you.

4. Qualitity Time - spending a long chunk of time with a loved one.
also under this category: quality conversation or quality listening.

5. Physical Touch - physical affection, not connected to sex.

Naturally, most of us may say we'll take all of the above. However,
not always true. Many of us can do without one, two or three of
the languages on the list. However, there is usually one or two that
we must have or we do not connect to the person on an emotional
or romantic level.

The trick is to figure out your primary language, usually it is how
we interact - we put out what we want,{ that is not written in
stone, sometimes we show love one way and desire to be shown
love in another way.}

A good way is to remember how a past lover or loved one made
you feel - truly loved. Often why we can't forget certain people -
because they read us completely right and followed through
with action.

Anyway, figure out what you need and then decipher what
a lover or loved one: mom, dad, bro, sis, best friend, good nabe,
favorite co-worker may need to feel emotionally ecstatic.
Emotinally ecstatic = open, safe and ready for committed love.

As well as improved relationships with family members we
previously felt didn't love us or vice versa {old friends, etc.}
A matter of love language clueless-ness.

And if you have children - don't forget to take into consideration
their primary language of love - mucho important.

I enjoyed the book and find myself having a good time discerning
my primary love language - I have two, actually {so there} & the
love language of the people in my life that matter to me.

An excellent book and very smart to keep in the home library.


Of course this entire post is a huge paraphrase, and my perceptions
naturally may have slid in.


  1. That seems to be a good one, worth reading and having round the house... yes. All so true. Except that --I'd add-one needs to love oneself the best and the most to be able to give and get back from others...
    Great post

  2. This post was simply refreshing!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge of much needed connections.


  3. hey dulce, well of course - loving yourself
    is quite necessary. TY.

  4. It sounds like a must read...amazing review which is a change for you. Will you be doing more of them? I like your analysis.

  5. hey meagan, just came from your blog -
    all I can say is - WOW.

    so glad you enjoyed this post meagan. TY.

  6. hey pretty girl, TY. this book really opened
    up my mind. if the next book impacts me
    enough I will write another summary.

    TY katina, esp. coming from such an excellent
    book reviewer as yourself.

  7. does sound like a great addition to the library.. thanks!

  8. hey there kay, a definite winning addition
    for anyone's home library.

  9. meagan - you are welcome. positivity is
    a must as is support for each other.

    I was able to read your comment in my
    email box, for some reason some of your
    comments haven't made it to the blog -
    luckily your words are directed to
    my email - TY.

  10. Amazing one! Thanks for sharing!

  11. what a refreshing, the five languages of love... i enjoyed reading your commentary on it too.
    have a wonderful weekend ahead.

  12. hey there Diva M.- glad you read and enjoyed
    my commentary on this very interesting book.

  13. One must agree with the five languages of love, but I have found, if one truly listens to their partner, the rest will follow...

  14. hey Kat - good to see you. TY.

  15. 1manV. hey, true that, listen & observe. TY.