Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hay{na}ku for Haiti

please check out this excellent way to help. TY


  1. the hay{na}ku is a wonderful form of poetry
    created by eileen tabios, who not only read
    many of her ha{na}ku, but also a very good
    interview where eileen speaks on her amazing
    poetry and her process -

    hay{an}ku -

    a trecet 3 lines

    1st line = 1 word
    2nd line = 2 words
    3rd line = 3 words

    naturally this appeals to my love
    of the short poem...try it, you'll like it.

    I've already ordered a tiny book {$3.00}
    of poetry translated by e

  2. hand slipped and this laptop
    is wildly sensitive, just like my last lover,
    but I digress...

    I've ordered 3 book sof poetry translated by
    poet edwidge danticat.

  3. Thanks for the website Nadege. I will have to check it out.

  4. hey pretty girl - & the books are only
    $3- each. TY. makes a wonderful give-away
    to a fellow poet.

  5. Thank you for the link sweetie, I will check it out and I Love Edwidge Danticat. Her Eyes,Breath... novel is amazing. One of my faves.

  6. you are most welcome darling. ms.danticat's
    novel was an amazingly honest read.

  7. hope your well hun! happy wednesday xx

  8. hey there darling - I'm amazingly well - just
    a wee bit bogged down at work - but will
    give into my secret obsession - your fashion
    blog - just love the way you do fashion.

  9. Thank you hon, what an amazing comment! im honoured.

    You asked the difference between fashion styling and editorial fashion styling. It is the same thing hun. Both titles mean the same thing really, they both style fashion editorials i.e the magazine spreads and shoots that we see in magazines.

    thanks so much for all your amazing comments

  10. a fashion stylist is usually the same as an editorial stylist(i.e they style editorials/spreads in magazines), some stylists also style lookbook and varying campaigns, high fashion catwalks etc. some people use the editorial fashion stylist strictly for specifically magazine shoot styling. so its interesting as they get interchanged a lot and sometimes mistakenly. There are those who only style editorials, there are others with experience in a varierty of arenas, so people usually those terms to mean a variety of things, fashion styling seems to be broader term but usually encompasses styling editorials and everything else. hope this helps hun. xx

  11. you are so deserving -- funny though I can't
    see my comments on your interview.

    thanks for clearing up the editorial sytlist
    & fashion stylist dilemma.
    I would love to be a personal stylist -
    it's very exciting for me to give someone
    "a Look" or a different persona.