Saturday, January 16, 2010

undressing chloe

her braid ripples around
the brass headboard
her neck as vulnerable
as leda's, the small

ache of the throat

she murmurs

her eyes slow-blink wide
like a beloved doll I once had
as a child

and never got over

she was named chloe
because I adored
dressing and undressing her
she was all about the clothes

and those deep pool eyes
my god, the lashes alone
drove me insane!

the bow of her fruit-stained
stilled mouth
with nothing to do but wait

I have my real-life chloe, now
all eyes, quiet lips,
with very little to say accept

shadow poems written in her mind
never birthed upon paper
little pieces of her she plants
inside my ear

she is held, bound at an angle
worthy of a prima ballerina
I trace her slim form

my leather gloves are scapel-like
merciless in profound attention
to the skin of her, I become a cartographer

make love to her
in any way that pleases me
charting hills and valleys
wander about drawn-out discoveries
with my hot mouth which is rarely quiet

her sublime acquiesence thrills
past boundaries previously set
in the small life she had
before she returned to me

I listen now as chloe's voice travels
beyond her sweet poems to arias filling the room

the wet roses
she walked in with
shiver their petals
onto the glass coffee table

red petals echoing
the sticky blood drops
of a virgin

clinging hysterically...



  1. Hi Nadege,

    I am impressed and in awe...I love the long verses and poetic grace here. Very lovely and probably one of your best work. Imagery and metaphors are stunning.

  2. You my ear have the art of making sweet poetry come to life. Hold fast your new gift I announce to you, make more with your heart and you voice.

  3. the imagery conjured up by the words,your words is amazing.thank you for sharing this piece.

    honey i make the moodboards for my styling. they are like collages which i make either on the pc or by hand. so i use varying images,fabrics,text and put them together to look like a scarpbook collage almost. they are used for reference for specific projects. so the pieces used for each moodboard are for specific inspiration or to create a mood as it were.

    so for example if i was doing a shoot or styling someone and the inspiration for it were the 1920's id create a moodboard or the inspirational collage like poster with images,ideas,text and other references that bring my topic matter to mind,that inspire. so id put together lots of 1920's or 1920's inspired stuff either by hand onto a poster bard or via the pc. so throughout the project id refer to the moodboard for continual inspiration. its like creating a storyboard

    big kiss xx

  4. hey there pretty girl. TY. I felt chloe
    deserved something longer than usual.

  5. hey indigo, wow... I will hold fast. TY.

  6. ohhhhh... pleasurable theme-making...sounds very specific, which I crave. TY.

  7. It must be heavenly to have such passion for someone... ((sign))..Beautiful expressions....

    PLL, C.

  8. hey there Cordie, always good
    to hear from you.

  9. Oh Nadege, my eyes watered slightly. I too am in awe of the profound beauty of this piece! I enjoyed taking in every word ;)

  10. TY, butterfly. my first long poem in a while,
    and I confess to revising her every other
    day even now.