Sunday, November 8, 2009

HelpLess NoctURne

In this private place
lanced through with the scent of lust
I devour your need

the softest lash
draws you further into my will
pleasure from repeated pain

night frames your face
lost inside my dark linen hair
your cries drape our room



  1. Pain and pleasure mixed together...lovely imagery with also the twinge of sadness in this piece.

  2. This poem is wonderful, sweet, beautiful, touching and very poetic. I love to write poetry, and the shortest are always the sweetest.

  3. I just read your profile 'midnight butterfly' ooh I'm in love with your blog. I'm following you too.

  4. hey pretty girl, the mixture is often sublime
    & always a part of life. more melancholy
    than sad {at least that is what I intended}.

  5. hey ms. butterfly, TY. I agree sometimes the
    shortest are the sweetest. we are both fans
    of the fragile butterfly.

  6. Ah! Nicely put! To the point and sensual, as always! Keep writing!!!

  7. "Lanced through with the scent of lust I devour your need" This line is so visual to me. I could actually see it and feel it...Amazing!

    I want to also thank you for my award! I am smiling, very honored. I've always been impressed with your poetry. Always very short, sweet, holding so much emotion. So I'm honored that you liked "Can I", it was written from a place I didn't know was there.

    Ps...Missed You!

  8. hello, meagan- that is a very visual scene
    for me - devouring need.

    TY for the compliment.

    "Can I" is AMAZING.